Monday, October 20, 2008

Mother Warriors

TO YOU, my fellow “Mother Warriors”

(my new favorite word) !!!

I am generously privileged and blessed to be on the receiving end of a daily devotion that one of my favorite “un-conditional friends” husband sends out each day to his family/friends. Today he shared a quote within his story that ROCKED my world/heart so intensely that I just had to pass it on.

Let me say first that I love and admire you for your Commitment and Dedication in taking on the roll of Parenting with Seriousness/Dedication/Passion. It is one of the things that I love about you and connects me most to you.

Sadly for some; parenting can be their biggest nightmare, I regret that; but for those who are whole heartedly invested/unconditionally committed/consistent with plan/and present at all times……..Parenting can be the most AMAZING experience one could hope for.

MOTHER: Webster says – (A female parent)
PARENTING: Webster says - (the process of raising and educating a child from birth until adulthood)
WARRIOR: Webster says – (someone engaged in warfare)

To me the title of “Mother Warrior” means so much more than that. It is something very special and something that no one can really explain with the perfect words. It is a Passion that burns deep within ones heart and soul that produces an unwavering commitment to purpose. When I think of trying to put it into words here are a few things that come to mind:

~Someone who is deeply devoted to all aspects of parenting, the joy, pain and sacrifice
~Someone who’s love is unselfish, endless and unconditional
~Someone who is committed to helping their children discover and pursue their hopes and dreams with no personal agenda or time line
~ Someone who is present and supportive through every obstacle that comes along
~Someone who is patient and forgiving
~Someone who cares enough to give and take feedback
~Someone who has a life long commitment to selflessness
~Someone who’s love never falters, even through the heart breaking times
~Someone who focuses on giving more than receiving
~Someone who not only listens but hears
~Someone who’s love and commitment is always present and dependable
~Someone who’s commitment to parenting has no end

For those of you who know me well have no doubt heard me say this more than onceJ….that if you do it right…..all the small precious first accomplishments of growth that fill us with joy, and make us want to have more….. (the first smile/tooth/steps/birthday/kindergarten/team sport/recital/crush//school dance…etc). All pale in comparison to the JOY experienced when you have a GREAT relationship with an ADULT child that INSPIRES you! It is a greater blessing than I could personally ask for and fills my life to overflowing daily.

My greatest goal as a parent was to help my kids navigate through all the speed bumps of childhood/adolescence/adulthood with skills/tools that will leave them with the least amount of permanent mental/emotional/physical damage/injury and to facilitate their journey as they ultimately discover their innate giftedness and passion for their life. To have the strength of character to honor that giftedness and to be unconditionally supportive of that process as they put forth the effort to find the Career/Path of their Dreams. Almost one down, and two to go for me!

I was gifted this analogy from Scott Jones who was gifted it from Cory Withrow, so I hope it will be a double blessing to you:

“The road to success is not straight
There is a curve called Failure,
a loop called Confusion,
speed bumps called Friends,
red lights called Enemies,
caution lights called Family.
You will have flats called Jobs.
But, if you have a spare called Determination,
an engine called Perseverance,
insurance called Faith,
a driver called JESUS,
you will make it to a place called Success.”

I believe that Concerned parents become Powerful and Confident Parents! Imagine if everyone parented their children with only this analogy?? WoW! That would be so powerful!

I love and respect you for your commitment and dedication to be a “Mother Warrior” for your children. This is a tough world to navigate through and we are in challenging times. We need to equip our children with good and effective Amour to set them up for their opportunity to successfully navigate their way to their own success in this world.

Love you Tons
Kathi Proud “Mother Warrior”


Kim Ellis said...

I love everything about this post. Having experienced my share of curves, loops, speed bumps and caution lights this year I am thankful that I have a great driver and am well insured.

While I may not be a "Mother Warrior" I still take this post to heart and love watching you carry out your role.

M-Dot said...

Great Blog!! Love it. Hope you and yours are all well. Congrats at Spokane Marathon.